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New Video Is Here!

We’re happy to announce we have our first video for our upcoming album!  “The Watcher on the Rock (Slhx̱í7lsh)” is an original tune by our very own Lucas Marchand.

The four members of Cadence were born in four different provinces spanning from BC to PEI and this original song, features elements from both coasts.

There is a rock in Stanley Park at the entrance to Vancouver Harbour that lies on the traditional territory of the Squamish Nation. The words for this song were inspired by a legend that tells of a young warrior who defied The Creator in his mission to ensure a spotless life for his unborn son. Impressed by his commitment to future generations, The Creators’s agents transformed the young man into an indestructible monument to Clean Fatherhood, the rock called Slhx̱í7lsh.

The musical arrangement is in the style of an epic 6/8 ballad and features elements often found in Maritime songs of this type with vocal parts that are stark, exposed, and broadly sung leaving room for the story to take centre stage. The accompanying video was shot at Irving Nature Park near St. John, NB.