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Dear friends, family, and loyal fanbase,

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that, after 22 years, Cadence’s time has come to a close. We feel so lucky and blessed to have been given the opportunity to make a living through music over the years. To share our passion and talents with audiences of every age, inspiring and enriching student’s lives, all while having a blast and enjoying every moment! We’ve had a lifetime of experiences traveling the world, performing in unbelievable venues, seeing beautiful sights in many spectacular countries, and meeting the most incredible people along the way.

We’re proud of the five award winning albums we’ve produced: Frost Free (2000), Twenty for One (2005), Speak Easy (2010), Cool Yule (2011), and Home (2018), and we are grateful that they will allow us to continue sharing our music for years to come.

This past April, we welcomed the very talented Nathan Martin as our new tenor two, but because of COVID19 restrictions, sadly, we never had the pleasure of officially performing on stage with him.

We want to acknowledge and thank all the previous members of Cadence who contributed to its legacy over the past 22 years: James De Pinho (1998), Daniel Galessiere (1998-2002), Kevin Fox (1998-2007), Carl Berger (1998-2016), Ross Lynde (1998-2020), Dylan Bell (2002-2007), Aaron Jensen (2007-2012). And the current members: Kurt Sampson (2007-2020), Lucas Marchand (2012-2020), David Lane (2014-2020), Nathan Martin (2020)

We want to sincerely thank all our friends, families, and fans who have supported Cadence over the years – we hope to have the chance to sing with you sometime down the road. Much love to you all!

Yours in Harmony,