In Their Own Words…

“Thanks so much for your performance on Friday – the students were so enthralled.  They mentioned today how impressed they were by your many “sounds” (especially the electric guitar!) and by how you were able to capture so many different styles.  And of course they enjoyed how interactive and fun it was – some felt the highlight was seeing me hauled up on stage!  Some of the boys are exhibiting interest in joining the vocal groups.”

Linda Ford, Lorne Park Secondary School

“The four guys are amazing musicians and they really know how to get kids involved and make music fun and accessible.”

Jennifer Doria, Notre Dame Public School

“Interactive, polished, professional”
“Impressive vocal skills, yet engaging to the audience. A stunning performance, and an educational experience”

Curtis Metcalf, Music Department, Orillia District Collegiate and Vocational Institute

“Cadence, guys I can’t thank you enough!  You were awesome, and so professional!  The guy sitting in front of me during your show kept turning around and telling me, “These guys are great – where did you find them?!”  I just kept saying “I know, I know.”  But really, it was a testament to your mastery of music.  I’m so glad you were able to join us this year!  It’s no lie when I say you’re one of my favorite groups – and now I’m thrilled that so many more folks around here are now saying and feeling the same!   The kids loved your workshops and hopefully learned a bit as well.”

Patrick McCarthy, Male House Rock, Saco, Maine

“The performance was a huge success with staff and students alike.

My son is a Gr. 6 student at Rippleton who was sitting in the “cheap seats’ and he raved about the performance all the way home.  If you can get a grade six boy excited about anything other than sports and iPods; well… good on them!

Our principal had heard about the lads on the radio and was pleasantly surprised to realize we were having the same ‘group’ to our school- she thought they were awesome too.

From a teacher’s point of view; crowd control was excellent, there was something musically for everyone, and the lads had that marvelous connection with each other that translated into a little bit of musical magic on a dreary winter afternoon. Thanks for the sunshine.”

Julie Buck, Rippleton Public School

“The vocal jazz group, Cadence, was fun and interactive, one of my favourite Music field trips ever! The music felt very funky, and sweet and humourous. I would definitely like to see them perform again. I love acappella!!!”

-Adrienne, Toronto

“Cadence was a really fun experience. They sang some classical Music and some pop music and I loved it. I liked being on the radio and listening to Ross, Lucas, David and Kurt perform some AMAZING songs. They made me feel joyful, happy and excited. It was the best thing I have ever seen! Thank you Cadence!”

-Finnie, Toronto