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About the Programs

Whether you are a music teacher, camp director, or activities coordinator for youth of any age, no doubt you are excited to begin planning special events for your students: music festivals, trips to the symphony, guest artists…a whole host of possibilities. Perhaps this is the year you’ve decided to try something new, to introduce your classes to sights and sounds they’ve not yet experienced.

Cadence offers two programs tailored to students with accompanying study guides containing lesson plans centered around the Ontario Elementry School Music Curriculum:

Four Men, Four Microphones, No Instruments – Centered on showcasing instrument imitation and extended vocal techniques, Cadence demonstrates that the human voice has no limits!

A History of Music Through The Voice – Cadence is lost in time and must sing their way back from Gregorian Chant back to the present day on this musical journey through time.

For more information or to book Cadence for a school performance, please contact: