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China 2019

Wow! It was a whirlwind tour full of excitement and new experiences. In our second tour to China we visited 7 major cities and explored some truly breathtaking landscapes.

China 2019 official tour poster

Our first morning in Mudanjiang brought a bustling view of the city along with a hidden surprise:

Our name in lights

Then on to Shanghai for some incredible architecture and a close call with typhoon Lekima

We took a detour to the beautiful mountainous region in central China called Zhangjiajie where we had the honor of recording a local folk song with a famous Tujia singer!

Looks like Avatar!

Then on to the south with a great show in Guangzhou, this time, with all four of us 🙂


Then back up north to finish it all off.

Riding in style

It was a pleasure seeing so much of this beautiful country and meeting and collaborating with some wonderful people. If you’d like more information on our collaborative Tujia project in Zhangjiajie (and you can read Chinese) check out this page with video and pictures that tell the whole story: