Meet the Boys

Ross Lynde, Tenor

Originally from Toronto, Ross was interested in music from an early age. In grade school he learned to play the ukelele and guitar, progressing to trumpet and piano in high school. Intrigued by all instruments, Ross never missed an opportunity to make sounds on bass and drums, or explore something exotic like the Koto or Shakuhachi. Ross became involved in many groups, rock bands and recording projects. He attended York University’s Music program; studying piano, vocal improvisation, and world music with Casey Sokol, and south Indian drumming with mrdangam virtuoso Trichy Sankaran. After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, Cadence was born and almost 20 years later Ross continues to sing, tour, record and arrange for the group. On the side, he still plays guitar and piano, takes on small recording projects, teaches in his home studio and runs Camp Imagine (a children’s art/music camp) every summer with his artist wife Nathalie Vachon.