Meet the Boys

David Lane, Baritone & Vocal Percussion

Hailing from Red Deer, Alberta, David’s musical life began with piano lessons from his mother, as well as being part of an elementary school choir.  Once in middle school, he took a hiatus from piano and voice to explore saxophone and drums.  Oddly enough, his drumming led to him joining the high school choirs, at which point his love of piano and voice was reignited.  After high school, David left Western Canada to attend the School for Music Vocations in Iowa.  It was here that David developed a love for jazz piano and voice, as well as small ensemble vocal jazz singing.

David went on to complete a Bachelor of Music (First Class Honours) in Jazz performance at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish,Nova Scotia, majoring in voice and studying piano as a secondary instrument. While at St. FX he also sang and played shows in a variety of student-led projects, ranging from beatboxing (a natural merging of his love of voice and percussion) in a hip-hop group, to playing keys and singing in a Funk band.  He went on to obtain a Bachelor of Music Education from Memorial University in Newfoundland, and has now settled as a performer and teacher in the Greater Toronto Area.